Bodyroll Workout

Do you wanna feel flyer than Mariah? Is the Grind’s Eric Neiss your ultimate hot boy? Then join Viva for Bodyroll, the dance workout craze sweeping the states.

Bodyroll is designed to tone, strengthen and train your body with slammin’ moves and bangin’ groves that will getchu lookin’ hella fresh. Incorporating hip hop, dance-aerobix, jazz, bounce & vogue into simple routines and memorable phrases (“gimme face”, “salsa slap”, “pop star” and more!) the Bodyroll translates into DIVA DANCE FLOOR DOMINATION! Sprinkle in some 90s realness & booyah you’ve got the ultimate flava-filled workout. But Bodyroll isn’t just a class, it’s a whole new attitude! Viva’s Bodyrollers are encouraged to pump up the jam, empower each other, & ask, “‘WHO U?!”. You can use these moves and shoop it straight from the class to the club to the boudoir; No experience necessary! It’s time to take the reins of life & dominate!

Let’s Bodyroll!